Top 10 Cat Names For Boys

cat names for boys

Top 10 Cat Names For Boys


Are you looking for list of the top 10 cat names for boys?

Are you struggling to call your new kitten? In this article, we have provided you with the best cat names for boys which you can consider.

Maybe you would like these name to sound unique and different. Just make sure that whatever you choose to call your new furry companion, they each have their own unique meaning and origin and you may want to know the personality and nature of your kittens before you make a bold decision which does not link to your new friend at all.

Max is the 1st in our list & it is a firm favorite among cat as well as dog owners. It is of Latin origin & means the greatest.

2nd place goes to Lucky which is of English origin & means fortunate. Normally, this name is given to pets who have been saved & given a 2nd chance of a better life.

Oscar gets the 3rd place. The word is of Gaelic origin & means lover of deer.

In 4th we have Toby which means heavens of the Lord & is of Hebrew origin.

Tom is the 5th most popular choice. It is a great and simple choice for whichever pet and is too of Hebrew origin.

Rocky has got the 6th position. While this name remains a great selection for all kinds of pets, it in fact means well-known ruler & is of  Tentonic origin.

Pepper is the 7th in this list. It is of English origin.

In the Gremlins movie, Gizmo was the cute creature. It comes in at 8th place. Even though Gizmo is in reality a gadget & originates from America, majority of the individuals pick it from the film.

Bailey gets 9th place. Coming from Mid-English the word truly means Bailiff. It’s unsure that when folks choose common boy cat names for & pick Bailey they recognize what it actually stands for.

In 10th place comes Dusty. Dusty is actually a reduced form or nickname of Dustin & is of British origin. You will find that brown cats are regularly called Dusty because of their dusty look.

When your new cat reaches home & before selecting male cat names, it is good to first know your new kittens behaviors and traits before calling them with a name which does not relate to their nature at all.

Just like there is no wrong method to eat a Reese’s, there is no wrong method to pick a male cat name. You may pick from boy names encouraged by superstars, historic figures, & the lively personalities of kittens the world over. You could also find some quite clever & exceptional male names, taken from literature & pop culture in addition to cultural traditions & interesting languages. Whatever is your style, you’re sure to find the most suitable name for the newest member in your family. The above guide will help you determine your pet-naming style, & offer some suggestions in each of them.